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Women Dominate Self-Publishing

An article in yesterday’s Sunday Observer quotes research that found well-educated, middle-aged women are dominating the world of self-publishing. The ratio is a staggering 65% women to 35% men and it’s being spearheaded by EL James and her ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. Other success stories mentioned were Lisa Genova and Barbara Freethy, both million-selling […]

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Typos Don’t Matter

According to an article on the BBC website by FT columnist Lucy Kellaway today, typos don’t matter. In fact, they are not a sign that we are dim, but that we are clever. To quote, ‘writing is a sophisticated job and our brains focus on the structure, the sentences and the phrases, leaving the close-up […]

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CWA Awards 2014

The Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Awards were announced 24th October on ITV3. They put the BAFTA’s on ITV1, so why are the CWA’s relegated to the backwater of ITV3? Anyway, the novel of the year went to Peter May for Entry Island and a favourite author of mine, Robert Harris, won the Ian Fleming Steel […]

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November Newsletter

My November Newsletter has just been sent out with details of my new book (out mid Nov) and among other things, what I’m reading now. If you would like a copy, please subscribe on the Bio page or simply drop me an email.

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Back to the Eighties

Modern cars are thought to be un-thievable without the key but in doing research for my new book, Driving into Darkness, it seems those with a keyless ignition – fob in the handbag or pocket and the car is started by pressing a button – are vulnerable. Check it out on the web or Sunday Times […]

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Every cloud…

The main help I had in finishing ‘One Last Lesson’ was a back operation that kept me partially immobile for 6 weeks. Initially, I was unable to bend, experienced difficulty in getting dressed and much to my wife’s annoyance, I was banned from walking the dog. I would like to thank all the Dermatology staff […]

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