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Look What’s on Amazon Daily Deal Today!

Today (Monday 7 Aug), pick up the 5th novel in the DI Angus Henderson series, Red Red Wine, for only £0.99. Amazon have included Red Red Wine in their Daily Deal – this price will be available for one day and only in the UK. Find the book here. Book Synopsis A ruthless gang of wine fakers are operating in […]

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Move Over Fifty Shades

The latest fad (or should it be ‘dad’) to fly off the bookshelves are books about single dads. This summer, according to romance novel veterans Mills & Boon, the most desirable male heroes in fiction will be hot, single dads. Their appeal to equally single women is their capacity for looking after children, as by implication they will be caring […]

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Fancy a bargain?

Two of my books have been selected by Amazon for their June Monthly Deal promotion. Driving into Darkness and Fear the Silence have both been reduced in price and are now available for £0.99 in the UK and £1.27 in the US. Car thieves are terrorising Sussex A gang of vicious car thieves are smashing into […]

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Self-Published Authors Being Snapped Up By Hollywood

An article in today’s Guardian highlights the fact that many self-published authors are being courted by Hollywood producers. One is Mark Dawson, the author of the Beatrix Rose and John Milton thrillers. I’ve been keeping up with the story of how a top Hollywood producer has lined up a well known director to film Mark’s Beatrix Rose books for television, as […]

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Is Apple Developing Wireless Charging?

An interesting article in the business section of  Saturday’s Daily Telegraph caught my eye – ‘Apple prepares to introduce wireless charging for its mobile devices.’ There are agencies out there monitoring patent filings and recently Apple filed a patent which allows for mobile devices to be charged wirelessly, by picking up small amounts of energy emitted […]

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James Patterson

Is James Patterson Really an Author?

There are few people who regularly read books that haven’t heard of James Patterson. With an staggering output of more than 150 titles, he is without doubt, one of the world’s best selling authors and ‘one of the most prodigious literary figures that the world has ever seen’, according to a recent article*. He doesn’t […]

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