New Book!

Yes, the new book is out!

Called Night of Fire it is now available to pre-order until 5th October when it will be published in Kindle and paperback.

Here’s a short preview:

The Bonfire Night procession moving slowly down Lewes High Street in Sussex is being watched by thousands of onlookers. DI Henderson is in the crowd, but he can’t shake from his mind the murder of a Bonfire Society member days earlier when he was found burned to death.

With most of the evidence destroyed by fire, the DI is forced to trawl through the victim’s life, looking for clues. A former friend, Guy Barton, soon comes to the fore, as not only was he involved in a fight with the victim, the victim was also having an affair with his wife.

With no conviction in sight, the case is about to be shelved when new evidence is unearthed. It leads Henderson to the real culprit, but pushes him and DS Walters into the gun sights of a deranged killer.

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