Move Over Fifty Shades

The latest fad (or should it be ‘dad’) to fly off the bookshelves are books about single dads. This summer, according to romance novel veterans Mills & Boon, the most desirable male heroes in fiction will be hot, single dads. Their appeal to equally single women is their capacity for looking after children, as by implication they will be caring and nurturing. The heroes of these books (according to the publisher) are real and relatable, and often offer hope of a second chance at happily ever after. New titles include The CEO Daddy Next Door (woman finds herself with a billionaire single dad neighbour)’, Bachelor Dad (single mum falls for single dad), The Daddy Project (single mum and dad have fake relationship) and Saved by the Single Dad (paramedic dad is saved by red-headed beauty). All have covers featuring images of topless men with six-packs, like these three.

On a personal note, a couple of my books are included in the ‘Heist’ category within Amazon. To me ‘heist’ suggests bank robberies with guns and post office hold-ups with sawn-off shotguns but it never ceases to amaze me the number of books like the ones above that also appear there. If you’ve read one (or several) and can explain the ‘heist’ connection, I’d love to hear it.




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