Newsletter June 2016

DI Henderson Box Set
Early next month you should see this little beauty appearing on my Amazon page. It’s a box set of all four DI Angus Henderson titles, available as a single Kindle download for a yet-to-be announced price. Why am I telling you this when you’ve probably read at least one of my books? The reason is simple, I’d like you to find out about these things first. Also, you might know someone who hasn’t read any of my books and would appreciate the heads-up.



New Book

I’m currently working hard on the new book. I can reveal it will be called Red, Red Wine and not surprisingly, it’s got something to do with wine. No, DI Henderson is not being admitted into the Priory Clinic or joining Alcoholics Anonymous, but on the trail of a gang of ruthless wine fakers who are making millions selling rare bottles with everyday plonk inside. You will also find the DI’s relationship with Rachel has moved on, and he goes back to his roots when he travels to the Highlands to see his parents. The new book will be published at the end of September.

My Website

If you haven’t visited my website lately, it’s had a spring-clean! The changes were made to improve clarity as some items of text were being obscured by the background picture and I wanted to publicise the on-going free book offer. If you haven’t taken a look in the last few weeks, you might have missed the following blog posts:
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– Undercover Police Work

My blog can be found here

Plot Ideas

The question I’m asked most often is where do plot ideas come from?
They can come from a variety of sources including: articles in newspapers, television programmes, conversations with friends, situations you’re involved in etc. What matters is how you deal with them. If I come across a good idea, I write it down and if particularly good, try and develop it into a more detailed story. I then leave it on my computer until I’m ready to write. If it can’t be developed into a book, it’s either binned or incorporated into another story as a sub-plot.
If you write books or would like to write, build a similar process into your daily routine and you will soon have a rich fund of stories to call upon and put an end once and for all to the dreaded writer’s block.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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