New Book Coming Out!

I am extremely pleased to announce the publication date of the new DI Henderson novel, Red Red Wine – Wednesday 4th January 2017. Until that time, the Kindle version will also available on Amazon pre-order.

With such a title, this book just has to be about wine fraud.


The wine won’t kill you – but he will

DI Henderson is settling into new offices and a new house, but the murder of a young man on a cross-Channel ferry diverts his attention. He is soon drawn into the dark world of wine fraud.

The DI isn’t allowed to travel to France where the victim once worked and where he suspects the dodgy wine originates; instead he is assisted by private investigator Harvey Miller. Miller stakes out the vineyard but receives a beating for his trouble.

Henderson believes that Daniel Perry, an east London gangster once acquitted for the murder of his business partner, leads the gang and the DI has been warned to tread carefully. Perry will kill anyone who cheats him or gets in his way – and unknown to Henderson, his name has already been added to this list.

It can be be purchased worldwide from Amazon in Kindle format and paperback. Click on the info tab below for further information:

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