Calling All UK Library Users

The award of The Dagger in the Library by the The Crime Writers Association is based on UK Library submissions  – and you can tell your librarian who you want to vote for.

The CWA Dagger in the Library is a prize awarded to an established crime writer for a body of work that appeals to users of libraries and reading groups.

In order to be eligible for nomination for the prize a writer must have had published at least four novels which are available in libraries throughout the British Isles, either in digital, audio or print format. And they mustn’t have won the Dagger in the Library before (see list of winners below).

Nominations for the Dagger in the Library can only be made by library staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved.

At both the shortlist and longlist stage there will be opportunities for you to vote for your favourite author – and take advantage of some of the reading group material the CWA and The Reading Agency will be providing to you once the lists are announced.

In the meantime, let your local library staff know about the prize and tell them who you’d like them to vote for. Nominations close on 31 December, so be quick!

For more information, and for posters for your library, visit

The Dagger in the Library is supported by The Reading Agency and

The last three winners were:

2016 Elly Griffiths – her latest book can be viewed here

2015 Christopher Fowler – his latest book can be viewed here

2014 Sharon Bolton – her latest book can be viewed here


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