Undercover Police Work

Here’s a new book that will really make you think, if not make your skin crawl. Joe Carter was an uncover cop for over 30 years living with criminals, buying drugs and even setting up a lab to make 250,00 tabs of MDMA. They called it ‘mum and dad’ and sold the tabs for £5-£10 each. Good work if you can get it.

The downside of all this subterfuge was it was impossible for him to hold down normal relationships as many of the people he got to know were sent to prison as a result of his work. Perhaps an unforeseen consequence of his actions was that he was sad to see many of them being incarcerated as over time he got to know them well and counted them as friends.

Occasionally, we come across a book that gives an insight into the police, prisons or how a murder investigation is actually conducted and as a result, crime novels can be better assessed for their approach to, or lack of realism. Here is a book that will become the bible for authors wishing to cast a cop in this role as few people have done it and far less have been willing to publicise their exploits.

Undercover – A True Story by Joe Carter is available on Amazon here

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