Problems with wi-fi?

If you live in a rural area as I do, you’ll be familiar with the feeling when you click on a website and Safari tells you it’s unable to connect as you’ve lost your wi-fi signal. Where I live, this can be caused by power cuts when the electricity company cuts back trees lying near power lines, engineering works as BT are upgrading many junction boxes to fibre, and heavy rain which can damage cable ducts. Fear not there is a solution which works as I’m using it at the moment because my router has decided to go on strike. It is to use your 4g phone. I use an Apple Mac and an iPhone but I’m sure this will work with other equipment combinations.

When your wi-fi goes off, click the ‘Network’ tab at top of the screen. Your Mac will list all the networks it can find, which in my case is none. Leave it a second, and it will find your phone’s 4g signal, assuming it can’t find a wi-fi signal either. If it does, goes to ‘Settings’ on your phone and switch wi-fi off; it then revert to 4g.  When the Mac finds your phone’s 4g signal, click on it and a few seconds later, you will be working as if you still had wi-fi.

Please let me know if you find this useful.

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