New Book!

Exciting news – the new DI Henderson novel, Hunting for Crows, will be published 18th March 2016!

A man’s body is recovered from the swollen River Arun, drowned in a vain attempt to save his dog. The story interests DI Angus Henderson of Surrey and Sussex Police as the man was once the member of an eighties rock band. When another band member dies, exercising in his home gym, Henderson starts to investigate.

The lack of evidence doesn’t trouble the DI, but the Assistant Chief Constable takes a different view and he is thrown off the case. The ACC is forced to reverse his decision days later, when another band member is killed in a car accident, and now he demands a speedy result.

In the search for clues, Henderson forces witnesses to delve into their past, providing pleasant memories for some and opening old wounds and grievances for others.

The DI digs deeper and deeper…but then uncovers something he didn’t bargain for.

Available from Amazon 18/03/16 – £1.99 for the Kindle edition.

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