Boys in the Trees

The singer-songwriter Carly Simon has just published her autobiography, Boys in the Trees. Carly is the writer and singer of the famous single, You’re So Vain (allegedly about Warren Beatty) and albums such as No Secrets and Never Been Gone, but many people will have come to her music through the Greatest Hits or Anthology albums, as she had over thirteen Top 40 hits. However, the buzz surrounding this book’s release has focussed more on the relationships she had with the rich and famous, including Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson and of course, her decade-long marriage to James Taylor. If this wasn’t enough to keep you interested, this might. Her father David, is one of the founders of the giant publishing house, Simon and Schuster. But no, Boys in the Trees is not published by them, but by Constable, an imprint of Little, Brown.

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