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Yes, it’s true. I finally succumbed to what I, and many other people believe to be the ultimate time-waster; I am now on Twitter. In many ways, my initial fears have proved unfounded, as long as I stick tweeting a couple of times a day and try not to read every tweet. What it does do well is give me an excellent way of keeping in touch with many of my fellow authors and it’s an easy way for readers to drop me a line about anything they feel like. You can follow me at:

Fear the Silence

The new book is out there and doing well with many five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. You may have noticed one or two reviewers mention they received an ARC (advanced reader copy) of the book. This is because the book is currently posted on NetGalley, a web site where publishers pay to have books listed and readers can download them for free in return for writing an honest review. If you read a lot of books and you don’t mind writing reviews, give it a try. My listing runs until the end of October.

Web Blog

If you haven’t visited my blog for a while, you’ve missed these:

  • Why an experienced climber who was there on Mount Everest when a huge storm struck in 1996 and killed 8 people, brands the new Everest movie ‘bull.’
  • Morrissey should stick to music (although I think he has already announced his retirement) as his new book, List of the Lost, is attracting the kind of reviews that would give most authors nightmares.
  • By way of contrast, the new James Bond book, Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz has been published to rave reviews and is being praised for reviving the character of Ian Fleming’s imagination.

The blog can be found at:

In the News

The next big literary festival of the year is the Cheltenham Literary Festival, running from 2-11 October in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Sponsored by The Times/Sunday Times, it features Caitlin Moran, Jonathan Franzen, Kate Atkinson and one of my favourite authors, Robert Harris. Two musicians to look out for are Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones) talking about a diary, unseen since 1965, and Tracy Thorn (Everything But The Girl), who published an autobiography a few months back, playing the songs that inspired her. Details of the festival are available at:

Changes to the Website

Once my website developer has finished some other stuff, he will be making some changes to mine. I want to add a ‘News’ section with details of any interviews I do (like the recent one for the West Sussex County Times), copies of past newsletters, and information about what’s happening around the book world. Other changes might include a guest blog, book reviews, and author interviews. If you would like to suggest something, please drop me a line.

New Book

Work on the new book continues at a pace, (in between bouts of blog writing and Twitter reading). I don’t want to talk of a release date or a title just yet, but what I will say is Henderson starts the story by investigating a crime that his ACC believes doesn’t exist, and events from the past have a deadly bearing on the present…

That’s all for now.

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