Newsletter August 2015

New Novel – Fear the Silence

My new book came out July 1, found its way up the Crime Fiction/Kidnapping chart in double-quick time and it’s been in the top five ever since.

One point made in Amazon reviews, mainly in the US who seem to be quick readers, the book is not a traditional whodunit. In its defence, the book reflects police life, as many crimes are not solved by brilliant deduction or an inspired idea, but by dogged determination and a slice of good luck.

As I said in my last newsletter, it was loosely based on a real criminal case where the police were focussing on the husband, but found the real perpetrator after receiving a tip-off from a member of the public.

Web Site

Over the last few months my web site has been inundated with over a thousand comments. No, not from readers praising my books to the high heavens or criticising me for killing off their favourite murderer, but comments about acne cream, Nike trainers and Dorito vouchers. You guessed it; spam. My web administrator is doing his best to stop it but if you have posted a genuine comment and it hasn’t appeared on the website, I’m sorry but I’ve probably deleted it. Send me an email and I’ll have it reinstated.

Literary Festivals

The picture above was taken at the entrance to the Theakstone’s Crime Festival in Harrogate. It’s not the biggest literary festival in the UK as Hay and Cheltenham are bigger, but Harrogate is one of the few that only concentrates on crime books. Many well-known names were in attendance including Lee Child, Peter James and Peter May. First-time author Sarah Hilary won the crime novel of the year with Someone Else’s Skin, despite some strong opposition from more established authors.

I mentioned this in the blog on my website but it’s worth having another go. If you like reading and have an eye for a bargain, Bookbub is for you. Sign up on their web site,, key in your preferences and they will send out regular emails about the bargain books available from Amazon, the Apple Store and a few other places. Some publishers use Bookbub to start promotions so you will often see well-known novels heavily discounted.

Foreign Shores
One of the joys of writing books is finding out that they are being enjoyed in other countries. From day one and with no promotion from me, my books have sold well in the US, Australia and Canada. Now, thanks to the free giveaway of One Last Lesson a few weeks back, I have racked up sales in Germany, France and strange as it may seem for a quintessential British novel, Japan.

New Novel
Fear not, work has already started on the next DI Henderson instalment. At the moment, I’m concentrating on research but suffice to say it was inspired by an Ian Rankin television programme a year or so ago when he talked about the perfect crime. I got so wrapped up in the idea that I thought of more than one.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.

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