Happy Birthday Kindle Store!

It’s hard to believe but the Amazon Kindle Store is 5 years old. There was a time when books could only be bought from a bookshop and ebooks were the preserve of a few computer savvy individuals. Now with the latest Kindle eReaders, you can download a book wherever you are and often for free. To celebrate, Amazon have released a list of their top-selling authors and books over the last five years. As you would expect, EL James tops the chart but what is more interesting is the independent chart, those not published by a traditional publisher:

Top-selling independent books

1. Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott (#43 overall)

2. Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott (#55 overall)

3. No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday by Tracy Bloom (#59 overall)

4. The Half-Life Of Hannah by Nick Alexander (#66 overall)

5. Love… From Both Sides by Nick Spalding (#74 overall)

6. Locked In by Kerry Wilkinson (#86 overall)

7. The Back Road by Rachel Abbott (#89 overall)

8. The Basement by Stephen Leather (#110 overall)

9. The Magpies by Mark Edwards (#113 overall)

10. Single Woman Seeks Revenge by Tracy Bloom (#137 overall)

Rachel Abbott has three books in the top ten, which is hardly a surprise as she has sold over a million ebooks (see earlier blog post). I think what we are seeing is the future of publishing.

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