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New Novel – Fear the Silence

My new book, and for anybody counting, it’s my third, is nearly finished and will be called Fear the Silence. It will be available as a Kindle download and as a paperback from July 1.

A woman goes missing and DI Henderson is assigned the case not because he wants it or is skilled at dealing with missing women, but because it’s high profile as Kelly Langton is a former model and despite her age, still the celebrity.

Her husband falls under suspicion and is arrested but Henderson has his doubts and starts looking elsewhere for the perpetrator. This brings him face-to-face with a man who is cold, evil, and doesn’t care who he kills, and little does Henderson know; he is next on his list.

The inspiration for the story is derived from a real criminal case several years ago when a man was arrested for his wife’s murder after it came to light the couple were involved in a violent argument the night before she disappeared. Unbeknown to the husband, she was seeing a secret lover and her mysterious departure the next day was to meet him, the man subsequently convicted of her murder.

Books on the Radio

If you would like to know more about authors and the books you read, there are numerous book programmes available on the radio. Many can be listened again on BBC iPlayer or downloaded as a podcast to listen at your leisure. Here is a selection of the most popular.

BBC Radio 4

Book of The Week – 09:45 weekdays
Serialised book readings of nonfiction works – biography, travel, diaries, essays, humour and history – from Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming to Shop Girl by Mary Portas.

Book at Bedtime – 22:45 weekdays
Something to spark your imagination but not too much if you want a good night’s sleep.

Open Book – 15:30 Thursday & 16:00 Sunday
Mariella Frostrup (who used to present a book programme on the Sky Arts television channel) discusses fiction and non-fiction in interviews with publishers and authors.

Bookclub – off air until autumn
Jim Naughtie talks to an author about one of their best-known novels in front of a studio audience. The audience can ask questions and often the best are on topics the author hasn’t considered.

A Good Read – off air until autumn
Two celebrity guests are invited by Harriet Gilbert to bring along a book of their choice. It’s not the love-in you might expect as guests often take a deep dislike to the book choices.

Saturday Review – 19:15 Saturday
A studio discussion about books or films with guests and chaired by Tom Sutcliffe.

Front Row – 21:15 weekdays
A general arts show but often with a variety of book-related issues.

BBC Radio 2

Simon Mayo Drivetime – 17:05 Friday Book Club
A discussion about a new book with Simon Mayo, his colleagues in the studio and the author.

BBC World Service

World Book Club – 14:05 Saturday GMT monthly
Harriet Gilbert invites acclaimed authors from all over the world to discuss their best- known works.

Literary Festivals

The season of literary festivals is now in full swing. Hay as usual, has created a number of headlines of its own, such as: libraries will outlast the internet (see my blog for more information), parents can be too nice to their children, and the music industry can’t keep up with the demand for vinyl. Sponsored by the Daily Telegraph, the website and newspaper carry updates before, during and often after the festival is finished, and many of the stories can still be still read in their web archive.

I will be heading up to Harrogate in July to the Theakstone’s Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival (a bit of a mouthful), and unlike many others, it concentrates only on crime writing.

Amazon Reviews

Reviews on Amazon continue to amuse like the one who said she was very pleased with the watch and gave my book five stars. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t laugh, it’s easy to mistake a book for a watch. A while back Peter James did a charity video with various authors recalling their worst one-star reviews. Well, if he ever calls me for my contribution I’ll be ready because someone gave me a one -star review for One Last Lesson and then admitted they didn’t read the book.

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Thanks for reading. Iain

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