Beach Hut Writers

To prove I practice what I preach (or at least do some of the things I put in my blog) I was at Crawley Library last week as part of Wordfest, to listen to 8 authors from the Beach Hut Writers. This is a collective of around 40 writers who base their books in and around Brighton (yes 40, and most people think there’s only 1). Chaired ably by Phil Viner, the writers discussed how they formed characters, why Brighton is such a great location for crime books, and a great deal about book writing itself. I would like to thank Phil and his fellow writers for such an entertaining evening and for giving me and my books a namecheck, and Crawley and West Sussex Libraries for putting on such a fine event, which if you read the earlier blog post about Bookfest, you would know was free. If you haven’t been to one of these evenings either at Crawley or any other literary event, I urge you to give it a try.
For the record, and because they did the same for me, here is list of the authors at Crawley.
Emlyn Rees – Books include Hunted, Wanted
William Shaw – A Song from Dead Lips, A Book of Scars
Elly Griffiths – The Ghost Fields, The Crossing Places
P.D. Viner – Summer of Ghosts, The Last Winter of Danni Lancing
Jane Lythell – After the Storm, The Lie of You
Julia Crouch – The Long Fall, Cuckoo
Rebecca Whitney – The Liars Chair
Susan Wilkins – The Informant, The Mourner

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