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New Book

The next book, to be called Fear of Silence, has just received a second edit and is now being proof read. When a woman goes missing, her large and intimidating husband falls under suspicion, but could there be another explanation, and something that’s bothering Henderson, more missing women? You might notice a couple of changes from previous Angus Henderson books in that the DI has a new boss in Lisa Edwards, and DS Carol Walters has a new car. To find out what’s so significant about the car, you’ll need to read the book. Available Summer 2015.

Website Blog

Over the last few months, in between writing and editing Fear of Silence, I have been busy updating the blog on my website. Interesting stories that you might have missed include:

  • Stieg Larsson’s new book: Stieg is no longer with us but that hasn’t stopped the Larsson family, not including Stieg’s long-term girlfriend of over 30 years, from commissioning David Lagercrantz to write book number 4.
  • Books to get men reading: A survey for World Book Day found that men think they don’t read enough, probably because they’re too busy doing household chores, and this list is full of books designed to get them back into it.
  • Rachel Abbott announcement: The author of Sleep Tight and Stanger Child has just announced that the combined sales of her last four books has just topped a million copies. This is an incredible achievement for any author backed by a huge publishing house, but what’s more remarkable, Rachel is self-published.
  • Clean Reader app: A new app has been developed to remove profanity from eBooks. I can see two main uses for it: helping kids to read books older than their years, and as a stick for the far right to beat foul-mouthed authors over the head.

Check the website regularly to read the latest blogs and you’re welcome to leave a comment, I’m always happy to read them.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough…

A reviewer on the Amazon web site accused me (tongue in cheek, I think) of plagiarism, for setting my DI Henderson novels in Brighton. The town, she said, is already policed by a lesser known cop (now I’m being tongue in cheek), called DS Roy Grace. I find this comment a little odd as many towns in the UK have multiple fictional detectives: Glasgow has Taggart (Glenn Chandler) and Superintendent Lorimar (Alex Gray); Bristol, DI Jack Caffery (Mo Hayder) and DI Ray Stevens (Clare Mackintosh); and Mark Peterson, Peter Gutteridge and Paul Grzegorzek, all set their crime novels in Brighton. In any case, DI Henderson is a Sussex cop and more often involved in a scene with a rural backdrop than on the hard pavements of Brighton and Hove.

What’s in a Name?

I haven’t yet read the new novel by Atticus Lish about alienated lovers in New York, called Preparation for the Next Life, but I do think he’s got a terrific name. It’s not made up, as apparently he’s the son of literary lecture and editor, Gordon Lish, but it should have every author with a dull name reaching for a book of nom de plumes.


A couple of months back, Amazon was in dispute with a large international publishing house over pre-orders, the ability to publish details of a book or DVD, many weeks before the item becomes available. They do this in the hope that it will notch up many pre-sales and on the day of publication, rocket to the top of the sales charts. It’s very much in vogue in the book business at the moment, as new novels by Angela Marsons, Damien Boyd, and the latest ‘publishing sensation’, a Domestic Noir novel by Renee Knight, billed as the UK’s answer to Gone Girl, are all being sold this way. You never know, I might give it a try.

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