He May Be Dead…

The author Stieg Larsson may be dead but his legacy lives on. You might think I mean the three books he completed during his lifetime, known as the Millennium Trilogy and featuring such memorable characters Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomqvist and selling over 75 million copies, but no. His estate commissioned David Lagercrantz, ghostwriter of the autobiography of footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic (see previous blog, Books To Get Men Reading), to write a fourth. It is to be called The Girl in the Spider’s Web and features both the aforementioned characters, but not everyone is happy. Larsson’s former girlfriend Eva Gabrielsson, who has been in a long-running dispute with Larsson’s heirs, has denounced it as a money-making exercise by the publishers, but whatever her view, it’s bound to be a huge success. Daniel Craig take note – you have another job when you’re finished with Bond.

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