Books to Get Men Reading

A recent survey for World Book Day found that 63% of men don’t believe they read enough. Telegraph Books have put together a (eclectic) list of books that should encourage even the most anti-reading man to pick a book. What do you think?
Max Hastings – Catastrophe-Europe Goes to War in 1914
A punchy historian, this book seeks to re write the war poets romantic vision of the Great War
Ben Wilson – Empire of the Deep: The Rise and Fall of The British Navy
The History of the British Navy over 1,000 years, a history so deeply ingrained in our culture, language, art and commerce.
Lucy Hughes-Hallett – The Pike
A book I’ve never heard about, covering the rise of fascism in pre-war Italy
Zlatan Ibrahimovic – I Am Zlatan
Confident, self-opinionated,outspoken – he is all of these things but a terrific footballer to back up the hype
Alwyn Turner – A Classless Society: Britain in the 1990’s
Britain from Thatcher to the attack on the Twin Towers. History that many of us still remember and shaping many of the issues we deal with today
Thomas Pynchon – Bleeding Edge
Part thriller/part detective story, a thrilling view of New York on the cusp of historic change
Dave Eggers – The Circle
A futuristic novel set in California about an all pervasive company called The Circle, what could happen if Google gets too big
Rachel Kushner – The Flamethrowers
Set around the art scene in New York it tells of Reno, motorbike and art lover, and her youthful experiences in exploring the world around her
George Saunders – Tenth of December
A collection of dark, short stories from a man, many regard as the most exciting writer in America
Karl Ove Knausgaard – A Man in Love
A writer who turns the banal into terrific prose

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