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The End Is Nigh?

James Daunt, the Managing Director of Waterstones, the country’s biggest chain of bookshops said the Kindle ‘has disappeared to all intents and purposes,’ on the back of a 5% rise in physical books for December. Does this spell the end for the Kindle and ebooks? Of course it doesn’t, as paper books can’t match the […]

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Ebook Pricing

Tax isn’t the most interesting topic I’ll write about, but this is important information for readers. From Jan 1 2015, tax on digital products (ebooks, apps, films, digital music etc) bought in the UK from certain retailers will rise from 3% to 20%. This means an ebook that now costs £5 will cost nearly £6 […]

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New Book Out

My new book, Driving into Darkness, has now been published. It is available on Amazon as an ebook and as a paperback. This is the second book to feature DI Henderson of Sussex Police but you don’t have to read the first book to understand the second. Keep your eye on the web site for […]

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Can You Hear It?

Film director, Christopher Nolan has fuelled the debate about muddy dialogue in films when he said in a recent interview that the mumbling cinemagoers were complaining about in Interstellar was deliberate. This a growing problem in television too with Jamaica Inn, Parade’s End and The Wire all coming in for criticism as large parts of […]

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Women Dominate Self-Publishing

An article in yesterday’s Sunday Observer quotes research that found well-educated, middle-aged women are dominating the world of self-publishing. The ratio is a staggering 65% women to 35% men and it’s being spearheaded by EL James and her ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. Other success stories mentioned were Lisa Genova and Barbara Freethy, both million-selling […]

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Typos Don’t Matter

According to an article on the BBC website by FT columnist Lucy Kellaway today, typos don’t matter. In fact, they are not a sign that we are dim, but that we are clever. To quote, ‘writing is a sophisticated job and our brains focus on the structure, the sentences and the phrases, leaving the close-up […]

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