James Patterson

Is James Patterson Really an Author?

There are few people who regularly read books that haven’t heard of James Patterson. With an staggering output of more than 150 titles, he is without doubt, one of the world’s best selling authors and ‘one of the most prodigious literary figures that the world has ever seen’, according to a recent article*. He doesn’t […]

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Newsletter July 2016

DI Henderson Box Set Just launched – the DI Angus Henderson Kindle box set. It includes the first 4 books in the series and in the UK, it’s priced at £4.99 – a saving of over 25% on the published price. In the US and Canada, you can buy it for $7.99 – a saving of around 20%. If that […]

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Newsletter June 2016

DI Henderson Box Set Early next month you should see this little beauty appearing on my Amazon page. It’s a box set of all four DI Angus Henderson titles, available as a single Kindle download for a yet-to-be announced price. Why am I telling you this when you’ve probably read at least one of my books? The reason […]

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Newsletter May 2016

Hunting for Crows My new book was published 18th March and it’s doing really well. It’s been in the Top Twenty of the British Detectives category on Amazon almost since its release. I’m not giving anything away when I tell you that at the start of the book, a man drowns trying to save his dog. […]

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Top Books This Spring

The following top reads are coming out this spring, as selected by Amazon editors. Into The Water by Paula Hawkins When two women end up dead in the local river a town’s dark past comes rushing back. Fans of “The Girl on the Train” have another twisty ride to look forward to in Hawkins’ new novel […]

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Are Waterstone’s Being Sneaky?

Waterstone’s, a large chain of bookshops in the UK, is accused of being underhand by opening a number of bookshops without their normal branding. The shops are smaller than their regular stores and are decorated to look like small independent bookshops. So far, they’ve opened three; Rye, Harpenden and Southwold. James Daunt, managing director of Waterstones, denied the […]

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